MULTIMOV Surge Diverters

Main Switchboard (MSB) Surge Protection

Use SD1 – MULTIMOV high energy surge diverters for single phase point of entry protection at main switchboards. Models are available for all wiring systems worldwide.

All Mode Protection

Models containing N-E protection (-N versions) feature all mode protection. Protection is provided for all combinations of lines (L-N, L-E, N-E) ensuring the maximum level of protection is achieved at all times.

Redundant Segments

MULTIMOV surge diverters feature a parallel redundant arrangement of high energy metal oxide varistors (MOVs), thus promoting long life and exceptional surge handling capacity. In the event of a varistor failure the remaining segments continue to provide protection.

Active Monitoring

A digital display confirms the device rating by displaying the percentage active of the redundant segments. The display indicates segment status and thermal overload. A failsafe alarm contact allows for remote monitoring.

Safe Metal Enclosure

Novaris power protection products are housed in safe, all metal enclosures. In the event of a prolonged overvoltage they will not catch fire or explode