Clock Thermostats Ramses 832

Brand: Theben

  • Digital clock thermostat with allow profile design for time-dependent​monitoring and control of room temperature.
  • Mains version
  • Suitable for energy-saving room temperature control in houses,
    apartments, heating zones, offices, showrooms, factories, medical
    practices, holiday homes.
  • Backlit display through keystroke.
  • External input for connection of presence detectors, temperature sensors, floor sensors, window contacts or telephone remote switches.
  • Optimisation function for automatic correction of heating start up.
  • Temperature is set quickly via rotary switch.
  • INFO key for viewing important settings.
  • Quick start-up via 3 basic programs with individually changeable comfort and reduced temperature.
  • Party / ECO program.
  • Fully automatic summer/winter-time correction.
  • Different control types can be individually set.
  • Optimum start option thanks to operating point and switching differential setting option.
  • 24 programmable time phases per program also enable reduction phases during the day
  • Plug-in base for wall or flush-mounted socket installation.