Doepke DFS 2 040-2/0,03-F Audio

Brand: Doepke

DFS 2 040-2/0,03-F Audio
sensitive to residual currents Type F, Low-impedance design for audio systems

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Residual current circuit-breakers (RCCBs) are components for implementing protective measure “Automatic disconnection of the power supply” as per VDE 0100 part 410 or corresponding international installation regulations. Series DFS 2 devices are compact two-pole residual current circuit-breakers for single-phase networks. In the standard design, they only take up two module-width units of space. In spite of the compact dimensions, a number of different tripping currents and characteristics are available at rated currents, depending on the design, up to 125 A. They also have large two-tier terminals for large conductor cross-sections, a practical multifunctional switch toggle and can be provided with pre-prepared labels using free-of-charge software. Switches for residual current type F are mains voltage-independent and record type A sinusoidal alternating and pulsating DC residual currents as well as residual currents with mixed frequencies that differ from 50 Hz. For example, these can arise when using single-phase frequency converters. RCCB of the DFS Audio series are optimised for protecting electric circuits that are connected to high-quality audio systems, such as record players, network streamers, amplifiers or sound systems for theatres and cinemas.# They have a low-impedance design to enable an unrestricted current flow and undisturbed sound quality.##DFS in the “Audio” design are ideal for protecting electric circuits with high-quality audiophile components, such as record players, CD players, network streamers, amplifiers, active loudspeakers or even sound systems for theatres, cinemas. Design optimisations, such as solid silver-plated connection terminals, solid and silver-plated internal current conductors

made from high-purity and low-oxygen copper, large main switching contacts with a high contact pressure and a special design of the summation current transformer, which minimises inductive parts in regular operation ensure an unrestricted current flow. This extremely low-impedance setup guarantees pure listening enjoyment thanks to the protective audiophile components.#


sensitive to AC residual currents and pulsating DC residual currents at the mains frequency (type A) as well as AC residual currents with multiple frequency components not equal to 50 Hz, high immunity against surge currents and mains-voltage-operated secondary current impulses , ideal for protecting high-quality audio components, optimised design for sound quality, e.g. silver-plated internal current conductors, silver-plated connection terminals etc, compact design for all rated currents, high short-circuit resistance, double-sided two- tier terminals for large conductor cross-section and busbar, switch position indicator, viewing window for labels, multifunction switch toggle with three positions: “on”, “off” and “tripped”, Neutral conductors with standard design left, for two-terminal-pair devices type A/ AC/F up to 125 A and type B/B+ up to 80 A; N-right available at no extra charge.


quick fastening to mounting rail, any installation position, supply from any direction


The Audio is primarily used in electric circuits with high-quality audiophile components, such as record players, CD players, network streamers, amplifiers, active loudspeakers or even sound systems for theatres or cinemas, Residual current type F ensures a high system availability due to its resistance to transient surge currents as well as the reliable detection of AC and pulsating residual currents with a rated frequency (50 Hz), even if other frequency components are present in the residual current, as may occur in modern audio devices with transformer or network parts.


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