Insulating Mats

Electrical Insulating Mats


  • Switchboard Rubber Mats are manufactured according to the latest IEC 61111:2009 Live Working Standard.
  • Electrical Switchboard Matting are used as floor coverings in areas of high voltage applications for the safety of users from dangerous electrical shock.
  • Substation Rubber Mats are Flame-Retardant.
  • Most of this Electrical Safety Matting has an anti-slip surface.


Insulating Mats was test under by TNB Labs Sdn Bhd & SGS, complied and passed under below requirements.

TNB Labs Sdn Bhd Test Certificates (4nos):

  • ​IEC 6111:2009- Cert. No: TNBR/HVLT-2019-08/001 for NC10KV Electrical Insulating Mats Class 0 Withstand Voltage (10KV).
  • IEC 6111:2009- Cert. No: TNBR/HVLT-2019-10/006 for NC20KV Electrical Insulating Mats Class 1 Withstand Voltage (20KV).
  • IEC 6111:2009-Cert. No: TNBR/HVLT-2019-09/001 for NC30KV Electrical Insulating Mats Class 2 Withstand Voltage (30KV).
  • IEC 6111:2009- Cert. No: TNBR/HVLT-2019-09/002 for NC50KV Electrical Insulating Mats Class 4 Withstand Voltage (50KV).