Warom Weather Proof

Brand: WAROM

Centralized Power Supply And Control Fire Emergency Sign Light Fittings

◇Die-casting aluminium alloy enclosure, carbon steed outline border, powder coated surface, tempered glass panel.

◇There is no battery inside the lamp, and the matching centralized power supply method is adopted, which is low voltage supply, safe and reliable;

◇With built-in intelligent control chip, each lamp has a unique address code, which can meet both centralized control and non-centralized control system applications.

◇Display panel has A-F type, is optional for users, can also be ordered according to user’s requirements.

◇Corrosion-proof: WF1、WF2 (Optional).

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HRFY-E Series Weatherproof Light Fittings for LED Lamps(Type A)

◇Solid and reliable

Anti-UV outdoor PC case,equipped with high-quality sealing strips,curved sealing structure, multi-point snap-fit to ensure lasting protection performance in various environments.

◇Comfortable and natural

Optically designed PC transparent cover with high transparency and rib design can effectively prevent glare.

◇Stable longevity

High-performance international brand LED components,independent external high-quality driving power supply, wide voltage input,constant power output,with a variety of protection functions,to ensure stable and long life of lamps.

◇High efficiency and energy saving

The luminous flux of the system is as high as 8700lm,which perfectly replaces the traditional T8 lamp.The luminous efficiency of the lamp is as high as 120lm/W,saving energy by more than 60%.

◇Easy maintenance

Hidden hinge structure,after the transparent covers opened,the link with the shell not fall off naturally, which is convenient for maintenance.