Fan And Filter Series SD254

Model Fan and Filter Unit: SD54.230
Rated Operating Voltage(V/Hz): 230, 50/60
Air Flow, Free Blowing: 550/600 m³/h
Air Throughput with Outlet Filter Including Standard Filter Mat: 1 x SD254.300: 500/600 m³/h , 2 x SD254.300: 650/800 m³/h
Axial Fan: Self-Starting Shaded Pole Motor
Rated Current Max.: 0.48/0.46A
Power: 50 W
Noise Level: 59 dB(A)
Temperature Range: -10 to 65˚C
Model Exit Filter: SD254.300
Design: Can Install 17251, 17238, 17255, 18060, 20060 & 22060 fan
Protection Category: IP54 Standard, IP55 Plus Precision Filter Mat, IP56 Plus Precision Filter Mat & Protective Cover
Colour: RAL 7035, Different Colour On Request
Remarks: Special Voltage On Request

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